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25 Things About Me


1. Cheese over chocolate every time.
2. I was a primary teacher for 10 years.
3. I played volleyball and was captain for New South Wales.
4. I still play volleyball…not for NSW šŸ™‚
5. I do boxing and have my own gloves.
6. I love camping and being in the outdoors.
7. My husband and I own a wedding photography business together.
8. When I was a teenager I designed puzzles for a company.
9. I have half a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing.
10. I make my own kombucha.
11. I adoreĀ eggs benedict for breakfast if we go out…with smoked salmon.
12. My favourite day would be a long sleep in, a day with my family outdoors, antipasto platter for dinner andĀ ending with a glass of wine at sunset…then a movie at home.
13. Talking about wine, I love a good red.
14. I gave birth to my son via cesarean section and it was awesome.
15. I’m a bible-believing christian.
16. I traveled around Australia with my family when I was 10.
17. On top of Uluru is where I ate my 10th birthday cake.
18.Ā Books make my heart happy.
19. I started dating my now-husband when I was 17.
20. I was married at 22.
21. I have 8 pen pals from all over the world.
22. Confession: I can’t play a musical instrument but own a violin.
23. I used to have a pet python and fruit bat.
24. MakingĀ lists and hoarding stationary makes me happy.
25. Succulents and cool plant pots have my heart.