Home Essentials Kit

You might have noticed that I use essential oils alot instead of medications as much as practically possible. Taking care of my family is serious business…and a first aid kit full of essential oils is how I like to roll! Think of a problem…there’s an oil for that. Thus far, I have been able to use an oil for every health issue our family has come across and I plan to keep that happening.

There is a lot of nerdy sciencey proof showing that using essential oils can support your health, and some pretty serious health problems too. More and more current research is popping up about the effects that essential oils have on specific parts of the brain and body systems, making for a very natural, non-invasive and positive way to protect and heal you and your family. Fascinating, fascinating stuff.

Let me just be upfront about something right from the beginning though. It definitely matters (double-definitely times affinity) what brand of essential oils you use. Let me explain. There is NO governing body anywhere that tests the authenticity and purity of essential oils. That means that any oil company can “claim” their oil is 100% pure and 100% whatever…and lie through their teeth. No one checking on their deceptive and misleading ways. This is pretty darn dangerous actually! That oil you buy (and I used to buy!) at the chemist or supermarket is absolutely filled with synthetics and toxins. This is why we can get headaches when we smell particular oils that have these nasties in them! The honest, pure essential oils are digestible and many are safe for pregnancy (just check which ones first obviously).

doTERRA is the purest, highest therapeutic grade essential oil you can find on the face of earth! I will not let another oil come into my home or touch my family after I have spent time researching oils. Away with you fake 100% eucalyptus oil…you liar! You can pretty much replace your first aid kit with doTERRA essential oils as the medical benefits from them are pretty astounding. Once you start to learn about the benefits of oils you won’t want to stop, and you’ll kick yourself that you didn’t look into them earlier. I’ve got boot bruises all over myself…actually, there’s even an oil for bruising. I love being oiled up and helping my body naturally and everyone around me! I’m just a “normal”, oil-loving mum wanting to help others with their health.

How can you get oils for your family?

First of all just CONTACT ME. If you have been introduced to doTERRA by someone else, give them a call and they can hook you up!  I can talk you through different options and oils that might suit you and your family, and then you can make your own decisions, you big grown-up.

 Some Frequently Asked Questions: